Interviewing and Interrogation for Law Enforcement


  • John Hess

Easy-to-read and practical, this text uses a survey approach and numerous examples to illustrate interviewing skills and techniques. Using his years of experience as an instructor at the FBI Academy, the author dispels some of the mystery surrounding the interview process by sharing techniques and ideas that have been used successfully.
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Students and beginning professionals in the criminal justice field.


Book information

  • Published: April 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-4224-6325-3

Table of Contents

Part I: Interviewing

1. Structure of an Interview

(The steps of an interview from preparation to completion)

2. Demeanor

(How actions contribute to success)

3. Essentials

(Listening, note-taking, advice of rights)

Part II: Detecting Deception

4. Verbal Clues

(Hearing and recognizing lies)

5. Nonverbal Clues

(A simplified method of reading body language for deception)

6. Statement Analysis

(How language usage can reveal lies)

Part III: Interrogation

7. Structure of an Interrogation

(A systematic approach to the basic phases of interrogation)

8. Keys to Success

(Persuasion, setting, flexibility, props)

9. Case Study

(Example and analysis of an interrogation)

Final Thoughts