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International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities

International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities is an ongoing scholarly look at research into the causes, effects, classification systems, syndromes, etc. of developmental disabilities. Contributors come from wide-ranging perspectives, including genetics, psychology, education, and other health and behavioral sciences.
Volume 43 of the series offers chapters on a variety of themes.


Academic researchers in developmental and cognitive psychology, as well as neuropsychology.

Hardbound, 288 Pages

Published: November 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-398261-2


      1. Health Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Integrated DD Health Home Model
      2. Theodore A. Kastner and Kevin K. Walsh

      3. Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Progress, Challenges, and Remaining Questions for Families and Professionals
      4. Stormi Pulver White, Amy S. Weitlauf and Zachary E. Warren

      5. Processing of Non-Speech Auditory Stimuli in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Impact of Stimulus Characteristics
      6. Jennifer H. Foss-Feig, Wendy L. Stone, and Mark T. Wallace

      7. Issues in Estimating Developmental Level and Cognitive Function in Rett Syndrome
      8. Breanne J. Byiers and Frank J. Symons

      9. Examining Family Involvement in Regular and Special Education: Lessons to be Learned for Both Sides

      Meghan M. Burke 



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