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International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology

International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology presents current advances and comprehensive reviews in cell biology--both plant and animal. Articles address structure and control of gene expression, nucleocytoplasmic interactions, control of cell development and differentiation, and cell transformation and growth.


Cell biologists, molecular biologists, developmental biologists, physiologists (organ level), biomedical scientists, biochemists studying cell-cell interactions, cell variation and evolution

Hardbound, 528 Pages

Published: July 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407696-9


    1. Sex Determination in Unisexual Flowers of Cucumber Plants
      Shu-Nong Bai and Zhi-Hong Xu
    2. Energization of Vacuolar Transport in Plant Cells and its Significance Under Stress
      Thorsten Seidel, Michèle Siek, Berenice Marg, and Karl-Josef Dietz
    3. Roles of Substance-P and ATP in Subepithelial Fibroblasts of Rat Intestinal Villi
      Sonoko Furuya and Kishio Furuya
    4. Roles of Arginine Vasotocin Receptors in the Brain and Pituitary of Sub-Mammalian Vertebrates
      Itaru Hasunuma, Fumiyo Toyoda, Reiko Okada, Kazutoshi Yamamoto, Yoshihiko Kadono, and Sakae Kikuyama
    5. Roles of Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase in DNA Damage and Apoptosis
      Xiaoxing Feng and David W. Koh
    6. Prospective Potency of TGF-b 1 on Maintenance and Regeneration of Periodontal Tissue-Systematic Review
      Hidefumi Maeda, Naohisa Wada, Atsushi Tomokiyo, Satoshi Monnouchi, and Akifumi Akamine
    7. Calcium Signalling in Extra-Embryonic Domains During Early Teleost Development
      Sarah E. Webb and Andrew L. Miller
    8. New Insights into the Mechanism of Force-Generation by Kinesin-5 Molecular Motors
      Adeline Goulet and Carolyn Moores
    9. New Insights into the Functions of Histidine-Rich Glycoprotein
      Sadao Wakabayashi


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