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International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology

International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology presents current advances and comprehensive reviews in cell biology--both plant and animal. Articles address structure and control of gene expression, nucleocytoplasmic interactions, control of cell development and differentiation, and cell transformation and growth.


Cell biologists, molecular biologists, developmental biologists, physiologists (organ level), biomedical scientists, biochemists studying cell-cell interactions, cell variation and evolution

Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407695-2


    1. New Insights into Adhesion Signaling in Bone Formation
      Molly Brunner, Pierre Jurdic, Jan P. Tuckerman, Marc R. Block, and Daniel Bouvard
    2. New Insights into Roles of Acidocalcisomes and Contractile Vacuole Complex in Osmoregulation in Protists
      Roberto Docampo, Veronica Jimenez, Noelia Lander, Zhu-Hong Li, and Sayantanee Niyogi
    3. Functional Roles of Histone Modification, Chromatin Remodeling and MicroRNAs in Arabidopsis Flower Development
      Eng-Seng Gan, Jiangbo Huang, and Toshiro Ito 
    4. Thy-1-Interacting Molecules and Cellular Signaling in Cis and Trans
      Rodrigo Herrera-Molina, Alejandra Valdivia, Milene Kong, Alvaro Alvarez, Areli Cárdenas, Andrew F. G. Quest, and Lisette Leyton
    5. Discovery of Survivin Inhibitors and Beyond: FL118 as a Proof of Concept
      Fengzhi Li
    6. New Insights into the Dynamics of Plant Cell Nuclei and Chromosomes
      Sachihiro Matsunaga, Yohei Katagiri, Yoshinobu Nagashima, Tomoya Sugiyama, Junko Hasegawa, Kohma Hayashi, and Takuya Sakamoto
    7. Role of Cyclin B1 Levels in DNA Damage and DNA Damage-Induced Senescence
      Yuji Nakayama and Naoto Yamaguchi
    8. Transcription Factors in Alkaloid Biosynthesis
      Yasuyuki Yamada and Fumihiko Sato
    9. New Insights into the Transport Mechanisms in Plant Vacuoles
      Nobukazu Shitan and Kazufumi Yazaki


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