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International Review Of Cell and Molecular Biology

International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology presents current advances and comprehensive reviews in cell biology--both plant and animal. Articles address structure and control of gene expression, nucleocytoplasmic interactions, control of cell development and differentiation, and cell transformation and growth.


Cell biologists, molecular biologists, developmental biologists, physiologists (organ level), biomedical scientists, biochemists studying cell-cell interactions, cell variation and evolution

Hardbound, 348 Pages

Published: June 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394308-8


    1. Synaptic Plasticity Regulated by Protein-Protein Interactions and Posttranslational Modifications
      Norihiko Yokoi, Masaki Fukata, and Yuko Fukata
    2. Potential Use of G Protein-Coupled Receptor-Blocking Monoclonal Antibodies as Therapeutic Agents for Cancers
      Deron R. Herr
    3. Fibroblast Activation Protein-α: A Key Modulator of the Microenvironment in Multiple Pathologies
      Thomas Kelly, Yan Huang, Avis E. Simms, and Anna Mazur
    4. Barx Homeobox Family in Muscle Development and Regeneration
      Helen P. Makarenkova and Robyn Meech
    5. Role of Adrenomedullin in the Growth and Differentiation of Stem and Progenitor Cells
      Ignacio M. Larrayoz, Laura Ochoa-Callejero, Josune García-Sanmartín, Carlos Vicario-Abejón, and Alfredo Martínez
    6. Cell-Cycle Control in Oocytes and During Early Embryonic Cleavage Cycles in Ascidians
      Alex McDougall, Janet Chenevert and Remi Dumollard
    7. Role of Major Sperm Protein (MSP) in the Protrusion and Retraction of Ascaris Sperm
      Thomas M. Roberts and Murray Stewart
    8. Role of Endoglin in Fibrosis and Scleroderma
      Janita A. Maring, Maria Trojanowska and Peter ten Dijke


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