International Funds

A practical guide


  • Catherine Turner, Group Compliance Officer, Maitland, UK

'International Funds' will provide readers with:*A greater understanding of the benefits and limitations of funds to both retail and institutional investors*An easy-to-read, yet technically comprehensive, insight into fund structures *An overview of the variety of legal structures, regulatory categories and investment profiles available*A detailed understanding of the practical aspects of fund valuation and administration, and the role of the various practitioners*A view of the future of the international funds industry in the light of changing markets, regulation and investor appetite
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Practitioners, including, in particular, supervisors and compliance officers; Non-executive directors of fund management companies or fund companies wishing to understand the regulatory and business risks involved; Regulatory staff; Industry consultants - fund lawyers, accountants and training specialists. MSc Finance Students, with about two/three years practitioner experience.


Book information

  • Published: October 2004
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5899-7


"This book skilfully examines fund management from the perspective of what actually happens on the 'floor'. It has a wide appeal for both practitioners on the job and academics interested in teaching students how the real world in fund management actually is." Nicolas Biekpe, Head Of African Centre For Investment Analysis, University Of Stellenbosch

Table of Contents

Principles of fund management- The concept of collective investment schemes; Different fund structures; The regulatory environment; Practical aspects of fund management- Overview of the operation of a fund; Valuations and pricing; Documentation;The dealing desk; Investment restrictions on regulated funds and tax matters; Income distributions; Distribution of funds; Developments- The UK market; A comparison of some international funds centres, their advantages and disadvantages; Developments in international market