International Cultural Tourism

management, implications and cases


  • David Leslie, Reader in Tourism, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Marianna Sigala, Lecturer in Hotel and Hospitality Management, The Scottish Hotel School, University of Strathclyde, UK

International Cultural Tourism: management, implications and cases provides a comprehensive exploration of the management, operations and marketing of cultural tourism attractions and resources in a global context. Topics explored include: * For the first time, an evaluation of the use and transformational impact of global media and new ICT in the management and marketing of cultural tourism attractions and resources. * The changing nature of the global cultural tourism marketplace (including demand, supply, product development and political changes). * Consumer behaviour, profiles and motivations of cultural tourists.* Environmental performance, management and wider issues of social and cultural sustainability.Written by a team of contributors from Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa and Finland, this text provides a thoroughly global insight into the issues and techniques involved in the successful management and marketing of cultural attractions.* An overview of the way in which cultural tourism resources and attractions are managed and marketed in a global context. * Analysis of the demand, profiles and motivation of tourists * An investigation of the transformational and dynamic impacts of new technologies on cultural resources and products * International contributor team provide case studies from first-hand experience and research
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Level 2/3 undergraduates on BA programmes for tourism, leisure, heritage, geography, culture and arts; practitioners of cultural tourism attractions, events and resources management.


Book information

  • Published: June 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6312-0


"The impressive collection of authors demonstrates a truly international forum. ...the thematic approach to cultural tourism makes this book simple and straightforward. Covering a wide range of international destinations and placing theory next to practical examples allows for readers of all backgrounds to gain a better understanding of the role that cultural tourism plays in tourism development today. The book well supports its desire to stimulate debate on the future of cultural tourism by discussing not only the current state of cultural icons in different societies, but the possible changing role that technology will have in the selling and commodification of these icons. Likewise, the book examines how technological advances are changing the way that heritage and culture fit into our worlds, a topic that is increasingly relevant, particularly in developing nations where the affects of such rapid change are so dramatically felt." -Rebekka Goodmana, Department of Geography, University of Exeter, UK

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. Marianna Sigala and David Leslie Part 1: Overview of Heritage and Cultural Tourism & ProductsChapter 1. Heritage and Cultural Tourism: A Marketing-Focused Approach. Evangelos ChristouChapter 2. The Marketing of Australian cultural tourist attractions: a case study from Sydney. Ian McDonnell and Christine BurtonChapter 3. Culture as a component of the hospitality product. Wil Munsters and Daniela Freund de KlumbisChapter 4. Cultural tourism packages. The role of smart cards in the Alps. Harald Pechlaner & Dagmar AbfalterPart 2: Operations and Facilities Management Chapter 5. Operational management of cultural and heritage sites. Harry CoccossisChapter 6. Cultural tourism attractions and environmental performance. David LeslieChapter 7. Cultural tourists in a cultural capital – Helsinki. Arvo PeltonenChapter 8. Cultural Tourism in South Africa: a case study of cultural villages from a developing country perspective. Dimitri Tassiopoulos and Nancy NuntsuPart 3: Environmental management and sustainability Chapter 9. Sustainability and Environmental Management. David LeslieChapter 10. Effective community involvement in the development and sustainability of cultural tourism: an exploration in the case of New Lanark. David LeslieChapter 11. Managing Stonehenge: the tourism impact and the impact on tourism. Ian Baxter and Christopher ChippendaleChapter 12. Templo Mayor: evolution and rediscovery. Sustaining Mexico’s Ancient Cultural Heritage. Adriana E. Estrada-GonzálezPart 4: New Media and Technologies Chapter 13. New Media and Technologies: Trends and Management Issues for Cultural Tourism. Marianna SigalaChapter 14. In search of post-modern online authenticity: assessing the quality of learning experiences at Marianna SigalaChapter 15. Intelligent information interactions for cultural tourism destinations. S. Christodoulakis. Stavros Christodoulakis, Fotis Kazasis, George Anestis and Nektarios MoumoutzisChapter 16. Destination Information, Marketing and Management Systems and sustainable heritage tourism development. Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Odysseas SakellaridisCONCLUSION. Marianna Sigala and David Leslie