International Cases in Tourism Management


  • Susan Horner, Principal Lecturer in Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • John Swarbrooke, Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management, Centre for Tourism, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

International Cases in Tourism Management includes:* Profiles of individual companies* Case studies on destination management and marketing* Material on different management functions in tourism, such as marketing and human resource management* Case studies of particular types of tourism, such as ecotourism and cultural tourismThe case studies are supplemented by exercises and questions, which ensure that for students and tutors alike the book is the ideal accompaniment to all tourism courses.
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Tutors looking for materials for teaching sessions and assessments for tourism courses; students on tourism courses at HND, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Book information

  • Published: December 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5514-9


"The cases are sufficiently broad in covering the tourism industries: airlines, tour operators, publishers, associations, destinations, NGOs, tourism ministries, attractions, hotels, cruise lines, specialty tourism, education/training, timeshares, and others. ...most instructors will find some cases in the book to enliven the classroom experience for early undergraduate students." - D.C. Frechtling , Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of Business, The George Washington University, USA

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction Chapter 1 The Role of Case Studies in Learning Chapter 2 Key Issues in International Tourism Management Chapter 3 Introduction to the Case Studies Part 2 The Case Studies Section 1 Tourism Organization Case study 1 British Airways Case study 2 The 'Lonely Planet' Phenomenon Case study 3 MyTravel Group plc Case study 4 Pacific Asia Travel Association Case study 5 Tourism Concern Case study 6 Touristik Union International and Its Environmental Policies Section 2 Tourism Destinations Case study 7 Tourism in Asia-Pacific Case study 8 Dubai Case study 9 The Role of Visitor Attractions in Dublin, Ireland Case study 10 Adventure Tourism in Iceland Case study 11 Las Vegas, USA: Portrait of a Market Leader Case study 12 Tourism in Russia Section 3 Sectors of Tourism Industry Case study 13 Boutique Hotels Case study 14 Budget Airlines in the UK Case study 15 The UK Cruise Market Case study 16 Online Retail Travel - Expedia Case study 17 The Brochures of Tour Operators Case study 18 Wildlife Tourism in Southern Africa Case study 19 Hong Kong Disneyland Case study 20 The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, SpainSection 4 Issues in Tourism Case study 21 Airline Frequent Flyer Programmes Case study 22 All-Inclusive ResortsCase study 23 Clubbing and Party Tourism in the Mediterranean Case study 24 Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism Case study 25 Ecotourism - Belize Case study 26 Tourism Education and Training Case study 27 Employment in Tourism Case study 28 International Hotels Environmental Initiative Case study 29 Researching Tourist Satisfaction Case study 30 Sex Tourism Case study 31 Timeshare Development Case study 32 Tourism and Travellers with Disabilities Case study 33 Tourism and the Purchase of Property in Foreign Countries Case study 34 Tourism and Rural Development Case study 35 Tourism and Terrorism Case study 36 Vacation Costs, Different Destinations, and Independent Travellers 369Section 5 The Future of Tourism Case study 37 Hotel Bourazani, Greece - An Entrepreneur's Contribution to Sustainable Tourism Case study 38 Tomorrow's Tourists