International Business Control, Reporting and Corporate Governance

Global business best practice across cultures, countries and organisations


  • Georges Nurdin, Consultant and advisor on Global Business Development

This book is designed to help Business Controllers / Accountants / Finance Directors / Bankers / Financial Analysts / Business Consultants to understand that International Business Control is much more than just a business being IFRS and US GAAP compliant, or just an extension of the domestic HQ control system.
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Financial and Business Control Managers, coming from a technical/professional background (e.g. Accountants, Finance Directors) who are faced with a business situation where they will have to deal both globally and across cultures. This is the case for executives, managers and professionals who are promoted from a domestic role to an international position, (e.g. HQ global role, or expatriation) or who have to control/operate complex joint ventures combining culturally diverse organisations, or who are involved in off-shoring operations/global sourcing. The book is also for managers, accountants and bankers involved in trans-national Mergers & Acquisition.


Book information

  • Published: October 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8383-8

Table of Contents

1. Introduction; 2. From domestic business control to international business control;3. The different business control models according to the different phases of the internationalisation process / dynamics;4. The different cultural factors that drive the business and their control related issues; 5. Roles and competencies of the business control according to the different cultural models;6. How should business control be shaped to best fit with phases of internationalisation dynamics, cultures, critical factors; 7. Which profile for which type of international business controller; 8. Controlling for international enduring performance;9. Controlling for the environment;10. Conclusion