Interference and Inhibition in Cognition book cover

Interference and Inhibition in Cognition

Academics, researchers and graduate students in educational psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience.


Published: January 1995

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-208930-5


  • "The net effect is a book that is a valuable resource for seminars in developmental psychology as well as in basic cognitive psychology."
    --Donald H. Kausler, in CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY


  • Historical Perspective:F.N. Dempster, Interference and Inhibition in Cognition: An Historical Perspective.Developmental Perspectives:V.F. Reyna, Interference Effects in Memory and Reasoning: A Fuzzy-Trace Theory Analysis.C. Rovee-Collier and K. Boller, Interference or Facilitation in Infant Memory?C.J. Brainerd, Interference Processes in Memory Development: The Case of Cognitive Triage.D.F. Bjorklund and K.K. Harnishfeger, The Evolution of Inhibition Mechanisms and Their Role in Human Cognition and Behavior.K.K. Harnishfeger, The Development of Cognitive Inhibition: Theories, Definitions, and Research Evidence.Adult Perspectives:W.T. Neill, L.A. Valdes, and K.M Terry, Selective Attention and the Inhibitory Control of Cognition.A.L. Titcomb and V.F. Reyna, Memory Interference and Misinformation Effects.M.A. Gernsbacher and M. Faust, Skilled Suppression.S. Lewandowsky and S.-C. Li, Catastrophic Interference in Neural Networks: Causes, Solutions, and Data.J.M. McDowd, D.M. Oseas-Kreger, and D.L. Filion, Inhibitory Processes in Cognition and Aging.F.N. Dempster and C.J. Brainerd, New Perspectives on Interference and Inhibition in Cognition: Final Comments.References.Author Index.Subject Index.


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