Intercultural Services

A Worldwide Buyer's Guide and Sourcebook


  • Gary M. Wederspahn, Gary M. Wederspahn has designed and developed many programs offered by Prudential Relocation Intercultural Services since 1981. His experience includes positions with the Peace Corps, VISTA, and multi-national corporations. Business travel has taken him to 29 countries in Latin America, the Far East, Middle East and Europe. He has lived and worked overseas for fourteen years in five countries.

For worldwide intercultural services, here is one-stop shopping at its best. This easy-to-use guide gives you practical advice to locate, evaluate, purchase, and oversee intercultural services. It describes and provides easy access (including websites and e-mail addresses) to the world's leading intercultural services. These high-impact, productive, and cost-effective service providers are critical to your operation's growth strategy and global success.This handy guide covers the gamut of intercultural services. Whether you are managing a multi-cultural workplace, preparing to enter the global business arena, or are already competing internationally, you'll find valuable, practical insights and information on:* exploring intercultural services* key intercultural concept* cross-border roles and organizations* choosing service providers* working with suppliers* types and qualities of productsBased on the author's 30+ years of being a user, purchaser, manager, evaluator, designer, and provider of intercultural services, this book presents a helpful, in-depth review of all you must know to make the right decisions about intercultural services. Clear examples and checklists lead managers step-by-step through virtually all aspects of understanding, assessing, and acquiring intercultural services.
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Business professionals/managers


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  • Published: June 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-87719-344-9


'I am very impressed by its thoroughness, balance, and relevance... a valuable resource, good investment, and useful asset for any organization or corporation venturing into the global arena.' William R. Sheridan, Director, International Compensation Services, National Foreign Trade Council

Table of Contents

Exploring intercultural services; Key intercultural concepts; Cross-border organizations; Cross-border roles; Foundations of intercultural learning; Intercultural services; Intercultural products; Intercultural service providers; Working with suppliers; The case for intercultural services.