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Intercultural Services

A Worldwide Buyer's Guide and Sourcebook

For worldwide intercultural services, here is one-stop shopping at its best. This easy-to-use guide gives you practical advice to locate, evaluate, purchase, and oversee intercultural services. It describes and provides easy access (including websites and e-mail addresses) to the world's leading intercultural services. These high-impact, productive, and cost-effective service providers are critical to your operation's growth strategy and global success.This handy guide covers the gamut of intercultural services. Whether you are managing a multi-cultural workplace, preparing to enter the global business arena, or are already competing internationally, you'll find valuable, practical insights and information on:* exploring intercultural services* key intercultural concept* cross-border roles and organizations* choosing service providers* working with suppliers* types and qualities of productsBased on the author's 30+ years of being a user, purchaser, manager, evaluator, designer, and provider of intercultural services, this book presents a helpful, in-depth review of all you must know to make the right decisions about intercultural services. Clear examples and checklists lead managers step-by-step through virtually all aspects of understanding, assessing, and acquiring intercultural services.

Business professionals/managers


Published: June 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-87719-344-9


  • 'I am very impressed by its thoroughness, balance, and relevance... a valuable resource, good investment, and useful asset for any organization or corporation venturing into the global arena.' William R. Sheridan, Director, International Compensation Services, National Foreign Trade Council


  • Exploring intercultural services; Key intercultural concepts; Cross-border organizations; Cross-border roles; Foundations of intercultural learning; Intercultural services; Intercultural products; Intercultural service providers; Working with suppliers; The case for intercultural services.


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