Integrative Hypnotherapy book cover

Integrative Hypnotherapy

Complementary approaches in clinical care

Paperback, 264 Pages

Published: July 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3082-6


  • Section 1 Key concepts
    Chapter 1 The development of hypnotherapy in health care
    Chapter 2 An integrative model of hypnotherapy in clinical practice
    Chapter 3 Professional, ethical and legal issues in hypnotherapy
    Chapter 4 Research and hypnotherapy interventions
    Chapter 5 Working with the therapeutic relationship
    Chapter 6 Progressive muscle relaxation: a remarkable tool for therapists and patients

    Section 2 Approaches in clinical practice
    Chapter 7 Anxiety and panic states: the CALM model
    Chapter 8 Recognising and integrating ‘hypnotic trance’ within touch therapy work
    Chapter 9 Body image, sexuality, weight loss and hypnotherapy
    Chapter 10 Helping a person go Smoke Free: a reflective approach
    Chapter 11 Hypno-psychotherapy for adjustment and resilience in cancer care
    Chapter 12 Hypnotherapeutic approaches to working with children
    Chapter 13 Hypno-psychotherapy for functional gastrointestinal disorders
    Chapter 14 Existential hypnotherapy in life-threatening illness


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