Integrated Resource Management book cover

Integrated Resource Management

Agroforestry for Development

Written to help bring agriculture's "Green Revolution" to the third world, Integrated Resource Management includes overviews of current agricultural production systems and their alternatives, demographics on mortality and population growth, soils, erosion, water availability, sustainable integrated agroforestry systems and behavioral adaptations.

Environmental scientists, ecologists, agricultural scientists, foresters, and crop scientists.

Hardbound, 223 Pages

Published: March 1992

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-406410-2


  • Overview:C.V. Kidd, Food Production.P. Demeny, D. Meadows, and C.V. Kidd, Population Change: Global Trends and Future Implications.Soil and Water Resources:F. Troeh and D. Pimentel, Soil and Land.E. Clark, D. Pimentel, and F. Troeh, Soil Erosion.P. Riley, D. Pimentel, and C.V. Kidd, Water.Productive Sustainable Systems: Agroforestry:R. Winterbottom, Integrated Resource Management Systems--Definition and Assessment.J. Gritzner and D. Pimentel, Examples, Case Studies, and Models.P. Oram and D. Pimentel, Research Challenges: Ecosystems and Economics.L. Fortmann, Social Aspects of Resource Management Systems.E. Boulding, A Sociological Analysis of Alternative Agriculture.Summary:C.V. Kidd, Observations and Conclusions.Appendix: Committee on Population, Resources, and the Environment.


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