Integrated Care Pathways book cover

Integrated Care Pathways

A Practical Approach to Implementation

"Integrated Care Pathways: a practical approach to implementation" is a realistic guide to the development, implementation and evaluation of ICPs, written by authors who have an understanding and experience of using care pathways in clinical practice.

Paperback, 168 Pages

Published: July 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4087-9


  • PART ONE: What are integrated pathways?; Introduction; PART TWO: Why introduce integrated care pathways?; ICPs and quality: the use of ICPs to facilitate a clinically effective service; Effectiveness: the use of ICPs to facilitate a cost-effective service; ICPs: a vehicle to deliver clinical governance; PART THREE: How to introduce integrated care pathways; Getting started; Documentation; Crossing professional and service boundaries: a case study; Maintaining momentum; Evaluation care pathways; Clinical benchmarking; Appendix 1: Clinical pathways maturity matrix; Appendix 2: Integrated care pathway for 'cardiac' chest pain/suspected myocardial infarction; Appendix 3: Integrated care pathway for day case cardiac catheters; Index.


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