Integrated Analytical Systems


  • Salvador Alegret, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

This book summarizes the main integration strategies currently found in analytical instrumentation or laboratories, giving a wide and updated panorama of analytical chemistry. The objective of this book is to highlight the different integration solutions, currently used in analytical chemistry, by treating them in groups of one or several chapters. The book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in industry and academy to help them acquire a critical vision of some of the current tendencies in analytical chemistry. It is written by an international team of researchers active within the fields covered in the book. The authors come from a wide diversity of technological and scientific fields including: chemistry; electrochemistry; physics; materials science; microelectronics; electronic engineering; and the instrumentation industry, thus highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of analytical chemistry in today's world.
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Graduate students and researchers in academy and industry interested in analytical chemistry


Book information

  • Published: June 2003
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51037-2


It is the first of its kind in the specialized literature and certainly will be appropriate for graduate students and researchers in industry and academy to help them acquire a critical vision of some of the current trends in Analytical Chemistry.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Integration, a New Paradigm in Analytical Chemistry Chapter 2. Integrated Separation Systems Chapter 3. Solid-phase Spectrometric AssaysChapter 4. Continuous Flow Analytical Systems Chapter 5. Distributed Analytical Instrumentation Systems Chapter 6. Laboratory Information Management Systems Chapter 7. Chemically Modified Electrodes with Integrated Biomolecules and Molecular Wires Chapter 8. Composite and Biocomposite Materials for Electrochemical Sensing Chapter 9. Optical Sensors and Biosensors Chapter 10. Electronic Tongues: New Analytical Prospective of Chemical Sensors Chapter 11. A Taste Sensor Chapter 12. Application of Electronic Nose Technology for Monitoring Water and WastewaterChapter 13. Integrated Optical Transducer for Chemical and Biological SensingChapter 14. "High Order" Hybrid FET Module for (Bio-)Chemical and Physical Sensing Chapter 15. Microdialysis Based Lab-on-a-Chip, Applying a Generic MEMS Technology Chapter 16. Design Methodology for a Lab-on-a-Chip for Chemical Analysis Resulting in the MAFIAS Chip Chapter 17. Nanosensor and Nanoprobe Systems for In Vivo Bioanalysis