Instant Access to Orthopedic Physical Assessment book cover

Instant Access to Orthopedic Physical Assessment

Here’s a powerful quick reference and clinical tool – small enough to fit into your pocket, yet complete enough to cover any assessment test you need to perform! Detailing every test included in Illustrated Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 3rd Edition, this handy, thoroughly illustrated pocket guide includes only the essential information you need to know. Information for each test is presented in a consistent manner for quick reference, and includes: name of the test, alternate names for the test, suspected syndrome, concise description of the testing procedure, clinical pearl, and photo(s) of the procedure. Plus, just as in the parent text, each test also contains a corresponding orthopedic gamut which provides a summary of key points in a concise list, serving as a diagnostic rubric for use in patient exams.

Paperback, 928 Pages

Published: January 2009

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04533-9


  • Chapter 1: Principles in Assessing Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Chapter 2: Cardinal Symptoms and Signs

    Chapter 3: The Cervical Spine

    Chapter 4: The Shoulder

    Chapter 5: The Elbow

    Chapter 6: The Forearm, Wrist, and Hand

    Chapter 7: The Thoracic Spine

    Chapter 8: The Lumbar Spine

    Chapter 9: The Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint

    Chapter 10: The Hip Joint

    Chapter 11: The Knee

    Chapter 12: Lower Leg, Ankle, and Foot

    Chapter 13: Malingering


    Glossary of Abbreviations



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