Insights into the Reach to Grasp Movement book cover

Insights into the Reach to Grasp Movement

This volume presents a variety of studies relating to the reach to grasp movement and provides a necessary and valuable contribution to the field of motor control. The professions covered in this book range from those interested in the basic sciences to those more interested in practical application. Neurophysiologists and biomechanists join with therapists and neural modelers to present an extensive overview of current developments. Evolutionary and developmental aspects are included together with descriptions of how this movement is affected by central nervous system damage. Purely theoretical aspects of the motor control of this movement are interspersed with treatment applications and robotics.

Included in series
Advances in Psychology

Hardbound, 390 Pages

Published: February 1994

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-89931-6


  • Overture. 1. Object oriented action (M. Jeannerod). Section One. Evolution and Development. 2. Evolution (M. Marzke). 3. Development of the reach to grasp movement (A.M. Gordon). Section Two. Central Mechanisms. 4. Neuronal substrate for volitional movement (A.M. Schwartz). 5. Grasping cerebellar function (A.R. Gibson, K.M. Horn, P.L.E. van Kan). 6. Brain areas responsible for the generation and control of reaching and grasping. Anatomy with positron emission tomography (J. Decety). Section Three. Behaviour Studies. 7. Object property and task effects on prehension (P.L. Weir). 8. Perturbation studies of coordinated prehension (P. Haggard). 9. Vision and the reach to grasp movement (K.M.B. Bennett et al.). Section Four. Clinical and Rehabilitation Studies. 10. The neural substrates of visually guided prehension: the effects of focal brain damage (L.S. Jakobson, M.A. Goodale). 11. The reach to grasp movement of Parkinson's disease subjects (U. Castiello, K.M.B. Bennett, M. Scarpa). 12. Task-specific training of reaching and manipulation (L. Ada et al.). Section Five. Biomechanics and Robotics. 13. Biomechanical analysis of reach and grasp (M.E. Johnson, K.-N. An). 14. Reinforcement learning for robotic reaching and grasping (A.H. Fagg). Section Six. Neural Modeling. 15. Trends in neural modeling for reach to grasp (M. A. Arbib, B. Hoff). 16. Optimal control of reaching movements (Y. Uno, M. Kawato). Author Index. Subject Index.


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