Insights Into Mobile Multimedia Communications

Edited by

  • David Bull, University of Bristol, U.K.
  • C. Canagarajah, Univeristy of Bristol, U.K.
  • Andrew Nix, Univeristy of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Personal multimedia communication is the major growth area in engineering today with many people across the world in industry and academia working on the design of future generations of mobile radio systems and source coding methods. Before multimedia applications can be truly successful in mobile environments, many technologically demanding problems must be resolved. In order to provide the user with a suitable end-to-end service for multimedia applications, complex systems, interfaces and coding schemes need to be developed. In mobile multimedia, the air interface bandwidth requirements are likely to be dominated by the needs of one key service: video. Even with today's most aggressive compression algorithms, the needs of video exceed the bandwidth available with existing mobile connections. Although available bandwidth will increase, with the introduction of UMTS and local services based on wireless LANs (such as HiperLan), it is clear that advances in radio technology and air interface design must go hand in hand with innovations in source and channel coding. The purpose of this book is to present an integrated view of advanced radio systems, network architectures and source coding that demonstrates the state-of-the-art as well as future directions in this rapidly developing field. The book acts as a repository of ideas, design examples, and advanced techniques for research staff, practicing engineers, and technical managers alike. Since the contributions are drawn from international experts in both academia and industry, the book should be attractive to both practicing professional engineers and researchers worldwide.
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Practicing professional engineers; academic or industrial researchers.


Book information

  • Published: October 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-140310-2

Table of Contents

Preface Part 1. Research Trends and Technical Developments 1. Mobile Multimedia Communications--Research Trends and Technical DevelopmentsC. I'Anson, H. Tominaga, T. Wilkinson, M. Yabusaki, D.R. Bull, A.R. Nix and C.N. Canagarajah Part 2. Multimedia Services on Digital Cellular Networks 2. Wireless Multimedia Using GSM TransportJohn Kelliher 3. Cellular Mobile Radio Telephones in JapanKenkichi Hirade 4. Mobile Multi-service Data in TETRA PMRAlistair Munro 5. Multimedia Over Mobile Networks Using the H.324 FamilyJohn Basil and Mike Whybray 6. Enabling Future Computer Applications Using GSM PhonesG.J. Proudler Part 3. Third Generation Mobile Multimedia Systems 7. InfoPad: A Portable Multimedia TerminalBrian C. Richards and Robert W. Broderson 8. Mobile Multimedia Access for the InternetV.J. Hardman and S. Hailes 9. Wireless ATM: An Enabling Technology for Multimedia Personal CommunicationD. Raychaudhuri 10. From Wireless Data to Mobile Multimedia: R&D Perspectives in EuropeJ. Pereira, J. Schwarz da Silva, B. Arroyo-Fernandez, B. Barani and D. Ikonomou 11. Security in Future Mobile Media NetworksChris J. Mitchell and Liqun Chen Part 4. Source Coding: Speech and Audio 12. Speech Coding for Mobile TelecommunicationsC.I. Parris 13. Advanced Speech Coding TechniquesX.Q. Sun and B.M.G. Cheetham 14. Low-complexity Wireless Speech Communications SchemesL. Hanzo, J.E.B. Williams and R. Steele 15. An Intelligent Dual-mode Wireless Speech TransceiverJ.P. Woodward and L. Hanzo 16. High-Quality Audio Coding for Mobile Multimedia CommunicationsM.B. Sandler, A.J. Magrath and P. Kudumakis 17. High Quality Low Delay Wideband Speech Coding at 16 kb/sA.W. Black and A.M. Kondoz Part 5. Source Coding: Video and Multimedia 18. New Trends in Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding--An OverviewT. Ebrahimi, M. Kunt, O. Egger and E. Reusens 19. Algorithms for Low Bit Rate Video CodingRaj Talluri 20. A Narrowband Mobile Multimedia SystemL. Hanzo, J. Streit, R.A. Salami and W. Webb 21. Wavelet-based Video Compression at Low Bit RatesJ.H. Wilkinson 22. Morphological Methods for Image and Video Coding: An OverviewP. Czerepinski and D.R. Bull 23. Scalable Image and Video Coding AlgorithmsS. Thillainathan, D.R. Bull and C.N. Canagarajah 24. Integrated Speech and Video Coding for Mobile Multimedia Audiovisual CommunicationsF. Eryurtlu, A.H. Sadka and A.M. Kondoz Part 6. Error Resilient Coding for Multimedia Applications 25. Error Resilient Image and Video Coding for Wireless Communication SystemsD.W. Redmill, D.R. Bull, J.T. Chung-How and N.G. Kingsbury 26. Combined Source Coding and Modulation for Mobile Multimedia CommunicationTor A. Ramstad 27. Aspects of Error Resilience for Block-based Video Coders in Multimedia CommunicationsA.H. Sadka, F. Eryurtlu and A.M. Kondoz 28. Error-resilient Coding for H.263Bernd Girod, Niko Farber and Eckehard Steinbach Part 7. Advanced Radio Techniques 29. Propagation Aspects of Mobile Spread Spectrum NetworksMark A. Beach, Mike P. Fitton and Chris M. Simmonds 30. Advanced Reception Techniques for a Multipath Fading ChannelSusumu Yoshida and Hidekazu Murata 31. Adaptive Antennas for Personal Communications SystemsGeorge V. Tsoulos, Joe P. McGeehan and Mark A. Beach 32. Adaptive Equalisation Methods for Next Generation Radio SystemsR. Perry, A.R. Nix and D.R. Bull 33. Orthogonal Multi-rate DS-CDMA for Multimedia Mobile/Personal RadioF. Adachi, K. Ohno, M. Sawahashi and A. Higashi 34. Performance and Capacity of a Voice/Data CDMA System with Variable Bit Rate SourcesNarayan B. Mandayam, Jack Holtzman and Sergio Barberis 35. Software Radio Design for Next Generation Radio SystemsPeter B. Kenington Part 8. Wireless LAN Technology for Future Multimedia Services 36. High-performance Wireless LAN Developments for Future Multimedia CommunicationsAndrew R. Nix, Mark A. Beach, Cengiz Evci, M. Umehira and Masaharu Araki 37. HIPERLAN--An Air Interface Designed for MultimediaTim Wilkinson 38. The IrDA PlatformStuart Williams and Iain Millar 39. Analysis of Antennas and Propagation for 60 GHz Indoor Wireless NetworksM. Williamson, G. Athanasiadou, A. Nix and T. Wilkinson 40. The Design of a Handover Protocol for Multimedia Wireless ATM LANsC.-K. Toh 41. A Vision of the Future Multimedia TechnologyMurat Kunt Index