Inside the SPAM Cartel

By Spammer-X


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Authored by a former spammer, this is a methodical, technically explicit expose of the inner workings of the SPAM economy. Readers will be shocked by the sophistication and sheer size of this underworld. From the Author: "You may hate spam and think all spammers are evil, but listen to my story and see why I do this and more importantly, HOW."For most people, the term "SPAM" conjures up the image of hundreds of annoying, and at times offensive, e-mails flooding their inbox every week. But for a few, SPAM is a way of life that delivers an adrenaline rush fueled by cash, danger, retribution, porn and the avoidance of local, federal, and international law enforcement agencies. "Inside the SPAM Cartel" offer readers a never-before seen view inside this dark sub-economy. You'll meet the characters that control the flow of money as well as the hackers and programmers committed to keeping the enterprise up and running. You may disagree with their objectives, but you can't help but to marvel at their ingenuity and resourcefulness in defeating spam filters, avoiding being identified, and staying one step ahead of the law.
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This is a great read for people with even a casual interest in cyber-crime. However, it includes a level of technical detail that will clearly attract its core audience of technology junkies and security professionals.


Book information

  • Published: November 2004
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-932266-86-3

Table of Contents

Who I am and why I SPAM: How SPAM works and Revenue behind it: The art of SPAMMING: Spam and Phishing: Legal Efforts against SPAM: Analyzing SPAM: Statistics behind SPAM: The future of SPAM