Inside the IMF book cover

Inside the IMF

An Ethnography of Documents, Technology, and Organizational Action

In this book, Richard Harper uses the International Monetary Fund as a case study to show how thinking differently about IT systems can dramatically improve the manageability and accessibility of documents in organisations. The systems he considers uses search and retrieval applications, the use of hypertext documents and shared database applications like Lotus Notes.

Third year students and postgraduates in sociology, organisation studies/ethnography and economics. Third year students of human/computer interaction and computer-supported co-operative work. Management consultancies and largeorganisations.


Published: October 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-325840-3


  • "Richard Harper has written a pioneering analysis of the work of the International Monetary will stand as a benchmark against which future studies will be judged."
    --Rod Watson, Sociology Department, University of Manchester, UK


  • Introduction. What Is a Document? Designing Ethnography. A Sketch of the Fund. The Machinery of Policy Work. The Use of Information. Desk Officers. A Mission to Arcadia. The Use of a Staff Report. Conclusion. References.


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