Insect Molecular Genetics book cover

Insect Molecular Genetics

An Introduction to Principles and Applications

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Published: November 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-357490-9


  • Genes and Genome Organization in Eukaryotes:Dna and Gene Structure. DNA Replication, Mutations, And Recombination. Transcription, Translation, And Regulation of Eukaryotic DNA. Chromosomal and Extrachromosomal Organization of DNA in Eukaryotes. Genes, Genome Organization, And Development in Insects. Molecular Genetic Techniques: Some Basic Tools: How to Cut, Paste, Copy, Measure, And Visualize DNA. Cloning and Expression Vectors, Libraries, And Their Screening. DNA Sequencing and Genome Analysis. DNA Amplification Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction: Molecular Biology Made Accessible. P Elements and _ Element Vectors for Transforming Drosophila. Applications in Entomology: Sex Determination in Insects. Molecular Genetics of Insect Behaviour. Molecular Systematics and Evolution. Insect Population Ecology and Genetics. Transgenic Pest and Beneficial Arthropods for Pest Management Programs. Glossary. Index.


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