Insect Molecular Biology and Biochemistry book cover

Insect Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

The publication of the extensive seven-volume work Comprehensive Molecular Insect Science provided a complete reference encompassing important developments and achievements in modern insect science. One of the most swiftly moving areas in entomological and comparative research is molecular biology, and this volume, Insect Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, is designed for those who desire a comprehensive yet concise work on important aspects of this topic.

This volume contains ten fully revised or rewritten chapters from the original series as well as five completely new chapters on topics such as insect immunology, insect genomics, RNAi, and molecular biology of circadian rhythms and circadian behavior. The topics included are key to an understanding of insect development, with emphasis on the cuticle, digestive properties, and the transport of lipids; extensive and integrated chapters on cytochrome P450s; and the role of transposable elements in the developmental processes as well as programmed cell death. This volume will be of great value to senior investigators, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and advanced undergraduate research students. It can also be used as a reference for graduate courses and seminars on the topic. Chapters will also be valuable to the applied biologist or entomologist, providing the requisite understanding necessary for probing the more applied research areas related to insect control.

Hardbound, 574 Pages

Published: August 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-384747-8




    1. Insect Genomics

    Subba R.Palli, Hua Bai, and J. Wigginton

    2. Insect MicroRNAs: From Molecular Mechanisms to Biological Roles

    Xavier Belles, Alexandre S. Cristino, Erica D. Tanaka, Mercedes Rubio, and Maria-Dolors Piulachs

    3. Insect Transposable Elements

    Zhijian Tu

    4. Transposable Elements for Insect Transformation

    Alfred M. Handler and David A. O’Brochta

    5. Cuticular Proteins

    Judith H. Willis, Nikos C. Papandreou, Vassiliki A. Iconomidou, Stavros J. Hamodrakas,

    6. Cuticular sclerotization and tanning

    Svend Olaf Andersen

    7. Chitin Metabolism in Insects

    Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan, Hans Merzendorfer, Yasuyuki Arakane, and Karl J. Kramer

    8. Insect CYP genes and P450 enzymes

    René Feyereisen

    9. Lipid Transport

    D J Van der Horst and R O Ryan

    10. Insect Proteases

    Michael R. Kanost and Rollie J. Clem

    11. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Digestion

    W R Terra and C Ferreira

    12. Programmed Cell Death in Insects

    Susan E. Fahrbach, John R. Nambu, and Lawrence M. Schwartz

    13. Regulation of Insect Development by TGF-β Signaling

    Philip A. Jensen

    14. Insect Immunology

    J W Park and B L Lee

    15. Molecular and Neural Control of Insect Circadian Rhythms

    Yong Zhang and Patrick Emery


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