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Inorganic Chemistry

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Junior and senior undergraduate, or graduate chemistry students.

Hardbound, 921 pages

Published: July 1993

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-562980-5


  • "Dr. Porterfield has presented a well-balanced view of the chemistry of the main group elements, metals, and their compounds. The description of compounds in the solid-state in the early chapters of the revised text is uniquely effective in dealing with an important topic that is traditionally not given strong emphasis in inorganic courses. New sections that appear in the revision expand and enrich the discussion of metal-ligand bonding, solution chemistry, the chemistry of covalent main-group compounds, and the chemistry of clusters and coordination compounds presented in the earlier edition. With these additions, the Porterfield text should emerge as the text of choice for courses in inorganic chemistry at the undergraduate andgraduate levels."
    ?CORTLANDT G. PIERPONT, University of Colorado at Boulder


  • Elements and Atoms: Elements, Atoms, and Perodicity. Main-Group Compounds: Ions and Their Environments. Directional Bond Networks and Solid State Chemistry. Bonding Theory for Covalent Molecules, Clusters, and Crystals. Covalent Molecules and Crystals. Acids, Bases, and Solvents. Main-Group Reactions: Enthalpy-Driven Reactions I: Acid-Base Reactions. Enthalpy-Driven Reactions II: Redox Reactions. Entropy-Driven Reactions. Transition-Metal Compounds: TheProperties of Transition metals and Their Compounds. Ligand Field Theory, Spectroscopy, and Magnetism. Transition-Metal Donor-Acceptor Compounds. Transition-Metal Covalent Compounds: Organometallic and Cluster Molecules. Transition-Metal Reactions:Reaction Mechanisms for Donor-Acceptor Compounds. Ligand Reactions and Catalytic Mechanisms in Industry. Bioinorganic Molecules and Mechanisms. Photo-Chemical Reactions of Transition Metals. Appendix A: Inorganic Nomenclature. Appendix B: VSEPR Geometry Prediction and Hybridization. Appendix C: Tanabe-Sugano Diagrams. Subject Index.


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