Inorganic/Bioinorganic Reaction Mechanisms

Edited by

  • Rudi van Eldik, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany
  • Ivana Ivanovic-Burmacovic

The Advances in Inorganic Chemistry presents timely and informative summaries of the current progress in a variety of subject areas within inorganic chemistry, ranging from bio-inorganic to solid state studies. This acclaimed serial features reviews written by experts in the field and serves as an indispensable reference to advanced researchers. Each volume contains an index, and each chapter is fully referenced.
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Bioinorganic, inorganic, supramolecular and organometallic chemists


Book information

  • Published: March 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-396462-5


Advances in Inorganic Chemistry vol.60, 9780123739773
Advances in Inorganic Chemistry vol.61, 978-0-12-375033-4 
Advances in Inorganic Chemistry vol.62, 978-0-12-380874-5

Table of Contents

  1. Predictive studies of oxygen atom transfer reactions by Compound I of cytochrome P450: aliphatic and aromatic hydroxylation, epoxidation and sulfoxidation
    Sam P. de Visser
  2. Heme Dioxygenases
    Igor Efimov, Jaswir Basran, Sarah J. Thackray, Sandeep Handa, Christopher G. Mowat and Emma Lloyd Raven
  3. Reactivity of manganese superoxide dismutase mimics toward superoxide and nitric oxide: selectivity vs. cross-reactivity
    Ivana Ivanovic-Burmazovic and Milos R. Filipovic
  4. Azanone (HNO) interaction with (heme)-proteins and metalloporphyrins
    Fabio Doctorovic, Damian E. Bikiel, Juan Pellegrino, Sebastián A. Suárez, and Marcelo A. Martí
  5. Advances in the mechanistic understanding of selected reactions of transition metal polyaminecarboxylate complexes
    Ariane Brausam and Rudi van Eldik
  6. Polyaminecarboxylateruthenium(III) Complexes on the Mosaic of Bioinorganic Reactions. Kinetic and Mechanistic Impact
    Debabrata Chatterjee and Rudi van Eldik
  7. The Chemistry of Mono-Valent Copper in Aqueous Solutions
    Ariela Burg, Dan Meyerstein
  8. Hypothiocyanite
    Michael T. Ashby