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Inhaled Particles

Inhaled Particles integrates all that is known about inhaled particles in a unified treatment. It aims to provide a scientific framework essential to a reasonable understanding of inhaled particles. The emphasis is placed on demonstrating the key roles of lung morphology on airflow and particle transport as well as identifying physical and biological factors that influence deposition. Special attention is paid to maintaining consistency of treatment and a balance between theoretical modeling and experimental measurements.
The book covers all important aspects of inhaled particles including inhalability, aerosol dispersion, particle deposition, and clearance. It reviews concisely the basic background of lung morphology, respiratory physiology, aerodynamics, and aerosol science pertinent to the subject. Essential aspects of health effects and applications are also included.

For graduate students, practitioners and research scientists in the areas of environmental health science, occupational hygiene, health physics and biomedical engineering.

Hardbound, 214 Pages

Published: January 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-088579-4


  • Morphometry of the Human Respiratory System.
    Airflow in the Respiratory System.
    Behavior of Aerosol Particles.
    Dispersion of Inhaled Aerosol.
    Deposition of Particles in the Respiratory System.
    Experimental Studies on Total and Regional.
    Deposition Models.
    Fate of Deposited Particles.
    Health Effects.


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