Information Management

Strategies for Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data


  • William McKnight, President of McKnight Consulting Group

Information Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data is about making smart decisions to make the most of company information. Expert author William McKnight develops the value proposition for information in the enterprise and succinctly outlines the numerous forms of data storage. Information Management will enlighten you, challenge your preconceived notions, and help activate information in the enterprise. Get the big picture on managing data so that your team can make smart decisions by understanding how everything from workload allocation to data stores fits together.

The practical, hands-on guidance in this book includes:

  • Part 1: The importance of information management and analytics to business, and how data warehouses are used
  • Part 2: The technologies and data that advance an organization, and extend data warehouses and related functionality
  • Part 3: Big Data and NoSQL, and how technologies like Hadoop enable management of new forms of data
  • Part 4: Pulls it all together, while addressing topics of agile development, modern business intelligence, and organizational change management

Read the book cover-to-cover, or keep it within reach for a quick and useful resource. Either way, this book will enable you to master all of the possibilities for data or the broadest view across the enterprise.

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IT organizations/ vendors/consultants, DBAs, information architects, managers/directors of information management.


Book information

  • Published: December 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-408056-0


"William McKnight has delivered a very clear and concise explanation about how to get the most from your organization’s data. He steps the reader through an assortment of data processing technologies and approaches and show which deliver the best ROI for which types of workloads. This is a desperately needed mapping that many users will find invaluable!"

- Wayne Eckerson, business intelligence thought leader and president of Eckerson Group, a business-technology management consulting firm specializing in BI, performance management, and analytics.

"A blueprint and action plan for a corporate information management strategy, this book is a useful guide for anyone who wishes to improve business success with technology. Author William McKnight provides the foundation and tools for information managers to set policies and programs for the improved management of information, while addressing advances in architecture and technology principles."

- Julie Langenkamp-Muenkel, Editorial Director of

"I always enjoy William’s writing, especially his balance between inspiring foresight and pragmatic advice rooted in real-world experience. He has skillfully shown that poise again: with his guidance you’ll find Information Management transforms what can be a burdensome responsibility into an insightful practice."

- Donald Farmer, VP Product Management,

"Many claim we're in the golden age of data management; every traditional paradigm and approach seems to have a newer, better, and faster alternative. This book provides a terrific overview of the new class of technologies that must be integrated into every CIO's technology plan."

- Evan Levy, Co-Author, Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth

"Big data is no longer just an IT topic. It’s one that’s now top-of-mind for executives, too. William McKnight takes the increasingly knotty hairball of information management-its practices, technologies, and skills-and unravels it in this timely and relevant book. A must-read for business and IT pros alike."

- Jill Dyché, SAS Vice President and author of The New IT

"I challenge any Information Management professional to not get value from this book. William covers a range of topics, and has so much knowledge he is able to offer usable insights across them all. The book is unique in the way it provides such a solid grounding for anyone making architectural or process decisions in the field of information management, and should be required reading for organizations looking to understand how newer approaches and technologies can be used to enable better decision making."

- Michael Whitehead, CEO and Co-Founder, WhereScape Software

Table of Contents

Part 1: No Matter What Business You’re In, You’re in the Business of Information

Chapter 1. Relational Theory in Practice: Data Warehouses and Data Marts

Chapter 2. Business Intelligence is Everywhere and You’re in the Business of Analytics

Chapter 3. Data Quality: Passing the Standard

Part 2: Beyond the Data Warehouse

Chapter 4. Data Warehouse Appliances and Columnar Approaches

Chapter 5. Master Data Management

Chapter 6. Data Stream Processing

Chapter 7. Data Virtualization

Chapter 8. Syndicated Data

Part 3: Big Data

Chapter 9. Hadoop: Analytics at Scale

Chapter 10. Key-Value Stores, Document Stores, and Column Stores

Chapter 11. Graph Databases

Chapter 12. Cloud Computing

Part 4: Putting it all Together

Chapter 13. An Elegant Architecture Where Information Flows

Chapter 14. Collaboration, Mobile and Self-Service

Chapter 15. Information Security

Chapter 16. Agile Approaches, Specifically SCRUM

Chapter 17. Organizational Change Management