Information Literacy Education: A Process Approach book cover

Information Literacy Education: A Process Approach

Professionalising the Pedagogical Role of Academic Libraries

From a traditional role of information gatekeepers, librarians have been challenged to become pedagogues who teach and counsel students in information literacy. The aim of this book is to professionalise the educational role of academic libraries. It helps information professionals design and carry out information literacy education programmes. The book puts forward a process-oriented approach to information literacy user education. Practical ways are outlined in which librarians’ pedagogical involvement in higher education can be enhanced. By applying two general didactic models, the book meets the information professionals’ needs to make theoretically founded and independent choices in her teaching and supervisory practices as well as critically reflecting on them. Examples of best and less good practice are drawn upon to provide scenarios for reflection which can inspire and enrich the information professional’s work.

Paperback, 126 Pages

Published: September 2008

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-386-8


  • I found the scenarios particular highlights because they bought the theories alive…and made me question my own practice, Journal of Information Literacy
    There should be much of interest for both academic librarians who teach and librarians who lead IL strategy within their institutions, Journal of Information Literacy
    ...a committed contribution to librarians' efforts towards professionalization, Information Research


  • An educational platform for information literacy; Designing process-oriented information literacy education: The library practitioner as a professional and autonomous educator; Facilitating the student’s research process: The academic librarian as a supervisor; Conclusions.


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