Information Consulting

Guide to Good Practice


  • Irene Wormell, Independent Consultant, Sweden
  • Annie Olesen, Ability Europe Ltd and A9 Consulting ApS, Denmark
  • Gábor Mikulás, GM Consulting, Hungary

Information Consulting presents a closer look at what makes information consultants successful and how they develop a productive relationship with their clients. While most of the books on this subject area are providing the experiences of information consulting veterans on ‘how do you really do it?’, the aim of this book is focused on exploring the nature of information management consulting. This includes the task of the advice-and-guidance variety, such as helping clients to analyze and solve problems or to meet opportunities with the element of ‘What should I do?’. The authors have used their extensive international and professional networks to take the challenge of letting the clients speak about their experiences and expectations in hiring information consultants.
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Practitioners and students in LIS studies and MA programs at business schools, with reference to the new curricula of the academic institutions and the general business practices; Continuing Professional Education for various groups of professionals


Book information

  • Published: October 2011
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84334-662-3


The authors have extensive backgrounds in information consulting and draw upon both their knowledge and experience in this work., The Australian Library Journal
I found the handbook to be a useful guide for and would recommend it to all potential information consultants., The Australian Library Journal

Table of Contents

What is information consulting? Advantages: Why information consulting might appeal to you; Challenges: Realities to consider; The starting point: Make a business plan; The legal environment; Building trust and marketing your services; Client relations: The key to success; Advice from other information consultants; Take a leap from being a librarian to becoming an information consultant; The clients speak: From a client’s perspective; Ahead.