Industrial Process Scale-up book cover

Industrial Process Scale-up

A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation

This book will help industrial process innovators in research, development and commercial start-up to assess the risks of commercial-scale implementation and provide them with practical guidelines and methods to reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

The book can also be used in co-operation with industrial R&D people and academic researchers to shape open innovation programs and in education as a reference book for process innovation courses.


Engineering students, researchers in chemical engineering, process developers, process designers, and R&D managers in process industries for Oil & Gas, Bulk/Fine Chemicals, Biotechnology, Biomass conversion, Ore processing, Metals, Food and Pharmaceuticals.

Paperback, 112 Pages

Published: April 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-62726-1


  • Preface
    1 Introduction
    2 Process Industries Characteristics
    3 Ideation and Research Stages
    4 Development Stage
    5 Demonstration Stage
    6 Start-Up Commercial Processes
    7 Scale-Up of Unit Operations
    8 A Risk-Based Approach to Scale-Up of Amine Absorption Processes for CO2 Capture and Storage
    9 Industrial Scale-Up Cases


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