Industrial Control Technology

A Handbook for Engineers and Researchers


  • Peng Zhang, Professor in Technical Physics, Beijing Normal University, P. R. China

This handbook gives comprehensive coverage of all kinds of industrial control systems to help engineers and researchers correctly and efficiently implement their projects. It is an indispensable guide and references for anyone involved in control, automation, computer networks and robotics in industry and academia alike. Whether you are part of the manufacturing sector, large-scale infrastructure systems, or processing technologies, this book is the key to learning and implementing real time and distributed control applications. It covers working at the device and machine level as well as the wider environments of plant and enterprise. It includes information on sensors and actuators; computer hardware; system interfaces; digital controllers that perform programs and protocols; the embedded applications software; data communications in distributed control systems; and the system routines that make control systems more user-friendly and safe to operate. This handbook is a single source reference in an industry with highly disparate information from myriad sources.
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Professionals in manufacturing sector (auto, aircraft, ship, satellite, etc) or working with intelligent controllers.


Book information

  • Published: July 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1571-5

Table of Contents

PrefaceAcknowledgements 1: Sensors and Actuators for Industrial Control1.1 Sensors1.2 Actuators1.3 Valves1.4 References2: Computer Hardware for Industrial Control 2.1 Microprocessor Unit Chipset2.2 Programmable Peripheral Devices2.3 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)2.4 References3: System Interfaces for Industrial Control3.1 Actuator-Sensor Interface3.2 Industrial Control System Interface Devices3.3 Human-Machine Interface in Industrial Control3.4 Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) Field Communications3.5 References4: Digital Controllers for Industrial Control4.1 Industrial Intelligent Controllers4.2 Industrial Process Controllers4.3 References5: Application Software for Industrial Control5.1 Boot Code for Microprocessor Unit Chipset5.2 Real-Time Operating System 5.3 Real-Time Application System5.4 References6: Data Communications in Distributed Control System6.1 Distributed Industrial Control System6.2 Data Communication Basics6.3 Data Transmission Control Circuits and Devices6.4 Data Transmission Protocols 6.5 Data Link Protocols6.6 Data Communication Protocols 6.7 References7: System Routines in Industrial Control7.1 Overviews7.2 Power-on and Power-down Routines7.3 Install and Configure Routines7.4 Diagnostic Routines7.5 Simulation Routines7.6 References