Impurity Doping Processes in Silicon book cover

Impurity Doping Processes in Silicon

This book introduces to non-experts several important processes of impurity doping in silicon and goes on to discuss the methods of determination of the concentration of dopants in silicon. The conventional method used is the discussion process, but, since it has been sufficiently covered in many texts, this work describes the double-diffusion method.


Published: January 1981

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-86095-8


  • Preface. 1. Double-diffusion processes in silicon (A.F.W. Willoughby). 2. Ion implantation processes in silicon (J.L. Stone and J.C. Plunkett). 3. Source feed materials in ion beam technology (A. Axmann). 4. Growth of doped silicon layers by molecular beam epitaxy (J.E. Bean). 5. Neutron transmutation doping of silicon (B.D. Stone). 6. CVD doping of silicon (McDonald Robinson). 7. Concentration profiles of diffused dopants in silicon (R.B. Fair). 8. Impurity profile of implanted ions in silicon (H. Maes, W. Vandervorst and R. van Overstraeten). Subject index.


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