Improving the Safety and Quality of Milk

Improving Quality in Milk Products

Consumers demand quality milk with a reasonable shelf-life, a requirement that can be met more successfully by the milk industry through use of improved processes and technologies. Guaranteeing the production of safe milk also remains of paramount importance. Improving the safety and quality of milk provides a comprehensive and timely reference to best practice and research advances in these areas. Volume 1 focuses on milk production and processing. Volume 2 covers the sensory and nutritional quality of cow’s milk and addresses quality improvement of a range of other milk-based products.

The health aspects of milk, its role in the diet and milk-based functional foods are the focus of the opening section of Volume 2. Part two reviews essential aspects of milk quality, including milk microbial spoilage and chemical deterioration, sensory evaluation, factors affecting milk vitamin and mineral content and the impact of packaging on quality. Chapters in part three look at improving particular products, such as organic milk, goat milk and sheep milk. The impact of milk on the quality of yoghurt and cheese is also covered.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, volume 2 of Improving the safety and quality of milk is an essential reference for researchers and those in industry responsible for milk safety and quality.
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Researchers and those in industry responsible for milk safety and quality


Book information

  • Published: April 2010
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-806-5


Provides much information of real value to anyone associated with milk and milk products., International Dairy Topics

Table of Contents

Part 1 Nutritional aspects of milk: The role of milk in the diet; The health aspects of milk; ‘Designer’ milks: Functional foods from milk. Part 2 Improving milk quality: Understanding and preventing consumer milk microbial spoilage and chemical deterioration; Effects of packaging on milk quality and safety; Sensory evaluation of milk; Instrumental measurement of milk flavour and colour; Analysing and improving the mineral content of milk; Improving the level of vitamins in milk; Managing the environmental impact of the dairy industry: The business case for sustainability. Part 3 Improving particular milks and milk-based products: Improving organic milk; Improving goat milk; Improving the quality and safety of sheep milk; Improving buffalo milk; Milk quality requirements for yoghurt-making; Milk quality requirements for cheesemaking; Trends in infant formulas: A dairy perspective; Applications of milk components in products other than foods.