Improving the Safety and Quality of Eggs and Egg Products book cover

Improving the Safety and Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

Egg Safety and Nutritional Quality

Eggs are economical and of high nutritional value, yet can also be a source of foodborne disease. Understanding of the factors influencing egg quality has increased in recent years and new technologies to assure egg safety have been developed. Improving the safety and quality of eggs and egg products reviews recent research in these areas

Volume 2 focuses on egg safety and nutritional quality. Part one provides an overview of egg contaminants, covering both microbial pathogens and chemical residues. Salmonella control in laying hens is the focus of part two. Chapters cover essential topics such as monitoring and control procedures in laying flocks and egg decontamination methods. Finally, part three looks at the role of eggs in nutrition and other health applications. Chapters cover dietary cholesterol, egg allergy, egg enrichment and bioactive fractions of eggs, among other topics.

With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Volume 2 of Improving the safety and quality of eggs and egg products is an essential reference for managers in the egg industry, professionals in the food industry using eggs as ingredients and all those with a research interest in the subject.

Hardbound, 448 Pages

Published: August 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-072-0


  • This is without doubt one of the best publications on eggs in recent years., Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay, President of the WPSA Turkish Branch


  • Part 1 Microbial and chemical contamination of eggs: Microbiology and safety of table eggs; Foodborne disease associated with eggs: Microbial hazards and Salmonella enteritidis risk assessment; Internal contamination of eggs by Salmonella enteritidis; Chemical residues and contaminants in eggs. Part 2 Salmonella control in laying hens: Detection and monitoring of Salmonella in laying hen flocks; Epidemiology of Salmonella infections in laying hens with special emphasis on the influence of the housing system; Pre-harvest measures to control Salmonella in laying hens; Management and sanitation procedures to control Salmonella in laying hen flocks; Egg decontamination by washing; Alternative egg decontamination techniques to washing. Part 3 Eggs in nutrition and other applications: The nutritional quality of eggs; Eggs, dietary cholesterol and disease: Facts and folklore; Egg allergy; Modifying egg lipids for human health; Egg enrichment with vitamins and trace minerals; Bioactive fractions of eggs for human and animal health; Using egg IgY antibodies for health, diagnostic and other industrial applications; Strategic planning for the development of the egg nutraceutical industry.


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