Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders book cover

Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders

Studies have shown that arts-based programming in juvenile detention settings can be an effective tool in rehabilitating and reintegrating youth who have come into contact with the juvenile justice system. Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders focuses on a 2012-2013 program in Flint, Michigan and demonstrates that visual arts and poetry can be used effectively with young people in detention centers to improve self-image, increase confidence, and improve writing skills. Describing the program in detail, including the subjects addressed, the unforeseen pitfalls, and how individual lessons evolved over time, Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders combines practical advice with a discussion of current literature on the use of integrating arts in juvenile correctional settings, as well as the literature identifying the need for gender-based programs, to provide guidance to juvenile justice and corrections professionals in their efforts to rehabilitate young people.

About the Real-World Criminology Series
More than just textbooks, the short books in the Real-World Criminology series are designed to be of interest to particular fields within criminology. They can be policy primers, spurring innovations in policing and corrections, theoretical works dealing with policy implications, or program evaluations incorporating theoretical foundations.  Each book covers something that is happening –or should be happening—in the world of criminal justice.


This book is intended for practitioners, researchers, and policy makers as well as upper-level students in Criminology programs.

Paperback, 96 Pages

Published: October 2013

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-323-26502-7


  • 1. Program Overview of Visual Arts and Spoken Word Poetry Workshops in Juvenile Detention Facility

    2. Literature Reviews

    3. Evolution of the Program

    4. The Second Time Around: Arts Workshops for Female Juvenile Offenders

    5. The Third Experience with Arts-Based Programming

    6. Response to the Program from Youth and Criminal Justice Professionals

    7. Recommendations for Replication of Program Outcomes


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