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Immunology, 8th Edition makes it easy for you to learn all the basic and clinical concepts you need to know for your courses and USMLEs. This medical textbook’s highly visual, carefully structured approach makes immunology simple to understand and remember.


Published: August 2012

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-5028-2


  • Preface vii

    List of Contributors ix


    Components of the Immune System 1

    1 Introduction to the Immune System 3

    David Male

    2 Cells, Tissues, and Organs of the

    Immune System 17

    Peter M Lydyard and Nino Porakishvili

    3 Antibodies 51

    Roy Jefferis

    4 Complement 71

    B Paul Morgan

    5 T Cell Receptors and MHC Molecules 89

    David B Roth


    Modes of Immune Response 107

    6 Mechanisms of Innate Immunity 109

    David Male

    7 Mononuclear Phagocytes in Immune

    Defense 125

    Luisa Martinez-Pomares and

    Siamon Gordon

    8 Antigen Presentation 143

    David Male

    9 Cell Cooperation in the Antibody

    Response 157

    Joseph C Marini and Kalpit A Vora

    10 Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity 171

    Victoria Male

    11 Regulation of the Immune Response 183

    David Bending

    12 Immune Responses in Tissues 199

    David Male


    Defense Against Infectious Agents 209

    13 Immunity to Viruses 211

    Persephone Borrow and Anthony A Nash

    14 Immunity to Bacteria and Fungi 223

    Gregory J Bancroft

    15 Immunity to Protozoa and Worms 243

    Richard J Pleass

    16 Primary Immunodeficiencies 263

    Luigi D Notarangelo

    17 AIDS, Secondary Immunodeficiency

    and Immunosuppression 277

    Dean H Kedes and Lisa A Nichols

    18 Vaccination 289

    Colin Casimir


    Immune Responses Against Tissues 305

    19 Immunological Tolerance 307

    Thomas Kamradt

    20 Autoimmunity and Autoimmune

    Disease 323

    James E Peters and David A Isenberg

    21 Transplantation and Rejection 341

    Andrew J T George

    22 Immunity to Cancers 355

    Pramod K Srivastava



    Hypersensitivity 369

    23 Immediate Hypersensitivity (Type I) 371

    Thomas A E Platts-Mills

    24 Hypersensitivity (Type II) 393

    David Male

    25 Hypersensitivity (Type III) 405

    David P D’Cruz

    26 Hypersensitivity (Type IV) 419

    Warwick J Britton

    Appendices online

    1. Major Histocompatibility Complex

    2. CD System

    3. The Major Cytokines

    4. Human Chemokines and Their Receptors

    Critical thinking: Explanations 433

    Glossary 445

    Index 455




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