• Werner Luttmann, Rostock University, Germany
  • Kai Bratke, Rostock University, Germany
  • Michael Kupper, Rostock University, Germany
  • Daniel Myrtek, University Clinic Freiburg, Germany

Immunology is more than a laboratory manual; it is a strategic guide that provides the reader with tips and tricks for more successful lab experiments. The authors explore the current methodological variety of immunology in a simple manner, addressing the assets and drawbacks as well as critical points. Also provided are short and precise summaries of routine procedures as well as listings of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative methods. This well-written guide is an essential companion for anyone using modern immunological methods in the laboratory.
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Laboratory practitioners such as professionals, managerial staff, instructors and students, conducting experiments within the field of immunology.


Book information

  • Published: June 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088544-2

Table of Contents

1. Antibodies2. Cell Separation3. Flow Cytometry4. Quantitative Immunoassays5. Western Blot6. Immune Localization7. Immune Precipitation8. The Cell: Live, Eat, Die9. Special Immunoassays10. A Short Excursion into the Unbeloved World of Statistics ...11. Natural Science vs. The Super Natural12. The Suppliers - Our Partners?