Immune Hemolytic Anemias book cover

Immune Hemolytic Anemias

Here's a New Edition of Petz & Garratty's classic text, Acquired Immune Hemolytic Anemias, originally published in 1980. The scope of the book has now been expanded to include the full spectrum of autoimmune and alloimmune immune hemolytic anemias including hemolysis associated with transplantation, hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn, and hemolytic transfusion reactions. Completely revised and updated from beginning to end, it presents authoritative coverage of all of today's best laboratory tests as well as the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.

Hematologists, Immunologists, Tranfusion Medicine Specialists, Pathologists, Internists, Laboratory Technologists


Published: December 2003

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-08559-8


  • 1. Historical Concepts of Immune Hemolytic Anemia

    2. The Diagnosis of Hemolytic Anemia.

    3. Classification and Clinical Characteristics of Autoimmune
    Hemolytic Anemias.

    4. Mechanisms of Immune Hemolysis

    5. The Differential Diagnosis of Immune Hemolytic Anemias

    6. The Serologic Investigation of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.

    7. Specificity of Autoantibodies.

    8. Drug-induced Immune Hemolytic Anemias.

    9. Unusual Problems Regarding Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias.

    10. Blood Transfusion in Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias.

    11. Management of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias.

    12. Immune Hemolysis Associated with Transplantation.

    13. Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn.

    14. Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions.


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