Imagine Your Library

Imagine Your Library's Future

Scenario Planning for Libraries and information Organisations

In this information age it is widely recognised that, in order to maintain relevance and to gain a competitive edge, libraries and other organisations in the business of information must continuously assess their roles, collections, services and perhaps most importantly, their business practices. Scenarios are a way of predicting and describing a future three to five years away while strongly engaging one’s community in choosing the future which is preferable. The horizon in which assessments about future roles change is growing shorter and shorter. While it is almost clichéd to state that change is the only constant, differing scenarios of what libraries might be allow all of us to contemplate futures we might otherwise not allow. Drawing on extensive experience in libraries in different parts of the globe, the authors provide a rich analysis of planning, managing and implementing change in information organisations through scenario planning. Through extensive practical applications, both actual and theoretical, the authors provide a strong background understanding and direct the reader through a planning process that is both readily applicable and innovative for all information organisations, irrespective of their size or client base.

Practitioners and students in Library and Information Science

Paperback, 240 Pages

Published: September 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-600-5


  • Because of its clear language, examples, exercises and references the book can be used both as a guide for managers implementing scenario planning in libraries and for teachers providing courses on library management, managing change and innovation within library and information science curricula., Information Research


  • What are scenarios? The complexities of our informational environment; The future and the past: Models are changing; Understanding choices; Toward a new way of thinking; Designing your process; Scenarios and implementation; Choice, chance and (less than) certainty; Case studies; Implementation and the impact of change.


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