Image Fusion

Algorithms and Applications


  • Tania Stathaki, Imperial College, London

The growth in the use of sensor technology has led to the demand for image fusion: signal processing techniques that can combine information received from different sensors into a single composite image in an efficient and reliable manner. This book brings together classical and modern algorithms and design architectures, demonstrating through applications how these can be implemented.Image Fusion: Algorithms and Applications provides a representative collection of the recent advances in research and development in the field of image fusion, demonstrating both spatial domain and transform domain fusion methods including Bayesian methods, statistical approaches, ICA and wavelet domain techniques. It also includes valuable material on image mosaics, remote sensing applications and performance evaluation.This book will be an invaluable resource to R&D engineers, academic researchers and system developers requiring the most up-to-date and complete information on image fusion algorithms, design architectures and applications.
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Academic and industrial researchers and system developers involved in developing military, medical and civilian applications


Book information

  • Published: June 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-372529-5

Table of Contents

1. Current Trends in Super-Resolution Image ReconstructionAntonis Katartzis and Maria Petrou2. Image Fusion through Multiresolution Oversampled Decompositions Bruno Aiazzi, Stefano Baronti and Massimo Selva3. Multisensor and Multiresolution Image Fusion using the Linear Mixing Model Jan G.P.W. Clevers and Raul Zurita-Milla4. Image Fusion Schemes using ICA Bases Nikolaos Mitianoudis and Tania Stathaki5. Statistical Modelling for Wavelet-Domain Image Fusion Alin Achim, Artur Loza, David Bull and Nishan Canagarajah6. Theory and Implementation of Image Fusion Methods Based on the Á Trous Algorithm Xavier Otazu7. Bayesian Methods for Image Fusion Jurgen Beyerer, Michael Heizmann, Jennifer Sander and Ioana Gheta8. Multidimensional Fusion by Image MosaicsYoav Y. Schechner and Shree K. Nayar9. Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images as an Optimization ProblemAndrea Garzelli, Luca Capobianco and Filippo Nencini10. Image Fusion using Optimization of Statistical MeasurementsLaurent Oudre, Tania Stathaki and Nikolaos Mitianoudis11. Fusion of Edge Maps using Statistical ApproachesStamatia Giannarou and Tania Stathaki12. Enhancement of Multiple Sensor Images using Joint Image Fusion and Blind RestorationNikolaos Mitianoudis and Tania Stathaki13. Empirical Mode Decomposition for Simultaneous Image Enhancement and FusionDavid Looney and Danilo P. Mandic14. Region Based Multi-Focus Image FusionShutao Li and Bin Yang15. Image Fusion Techniques for Non Destructive Testing and Remote Sensing ApplicationsF.C. Morabito, G. Simone and M. Cacciola16. Concepts of Image Fusion in Remote Sensing Applications Pushkar Pradham, Nicolas H. Younan and Roger L. King17. Pixel-Level Image Fusion MetricsC. Xydeas and Dr. V. Petroviæ18. Optimal Adaptation of Image Fusion using Objective Performance MetricsVladimir Petroviæ and Tim Cootes19. Performance Evaluation of Image Fusion TechniquesQiang Wang, Yi Shen and Jing Jin