Ii-Vi Semiconductor Blue/Green Light Emitters, 44 book cover

Ii-Vi Semiconductor Blue/Green Light Emitters, 44


Published: February 1997

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-752144-2


  • J. Han and R.L. Gunshor, MBE Growth and Electrical Properties of Wide Bandgap ZnSe-based II-VI Semiconductors. S. Fujita and S. Fujita, Growth and Characterization of ZnSe-based II-VI Semiconductors by MOVPE. E.Ho and L.A. Kolodziejski, Gaseous Source UHV Epitaxy Technologies for Wide Bandgap II-VI Semiconductors. C.G. Van de Walle, Doping of Wide-Band-Gap II-VI Compounds--Theory. R. Cinolani, Optical Properties of Excitons in ZnSe-Based Quantum Well Heterostructures. A.V. Nurmikko and A. Ishibashi, II-VI Diode Lasers: A Current View of Device Engineering and Issues. S. Guha and J. Petruzello, Defects and Degradation in Wide Gap II-VI Based Structures and Light Emitting Devices. Subject Index.


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