Iguanas of the World book cover

Iguanas of the World

Their Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

Iguanas are large, primeval-appearing animals that have always attracted considerable attention and scientific study. The 30 species of iguanas are today collectively referred to as iguanines, or the subfamily Iguaninae, of the lizard family Iguanidae. This book is the result of a symposium of worldwide scientists on the world's iguanas that was held at a joint meeting of the Society of the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and The Herpetologist's League. Over 30 recognized experts submitted their studies of these interesting reptiles, and have published what was once unknown and unpublished information. This book was a leader in its time and still serves as a wonderful reference for scientist and student alike.

Animal scientists, veterinarians, agricultural and zoological managers and handlers, animal behaviorists.

Hardbound, 491 Pages

Published: December 1982

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-0917-2


  • "If you think you are one of the "smart" people when it comes to the iguana species, this is a MUST HAVE publication." - Robert Macargar


  • Systematics and BiogeographyChecklist of the Iguanine and Malagasy Iguanid LizardsBiogeographical Aspects of the Distribution of Malagasy Iguanids and Their ImplicationsFood and EnergeticsEnergy Requirements of Free-Living Iguanid LizardsAdaptations to Herbivory in Iguanine LizardsThe Hindgut Fermentation in the Green IguanaFeeding Strategy of the Caicos Ground IguanaDemography and Life History StrategiesEvolution of Nesting Patterns in Iguanine LizardsLatitude and Climate in the Phenology of Reproduction in the Green IguanaThe Phenology, Growth, and Survival of the Green IguanaGrowth and Ecology of Spiny Tailed and Green Iguanas in Costa RicaEcology and Evolution of the Insular Gigantic ChuckwallasAdaptive Behavior and CommunicationThe Aggressive Displays of Iguanine LizardsDisplays of Captive Banded IguanasThe Behavioral Inventory of the Green IguanaOrientation in Dispersing Hatchling Green IguanasThe Benefits of Sleeping Aggregations in Marine IguanasSocial OrganizationSocio-Ecological Determinants of Mating Strategies in Iguanine LizardsThe Mating Behavior of the Green IguanaSocial Organization and Ecology of Land IguanasReproductive Behavior of Galapagos Land IguanasVariation in Iguanine Social Organization: Mating Systems in ChuckwallasConservation and ManagementExploitation of Iguanas in Central AmericaBehavior, Ecology, and Conservation of South Pacific Banded IguanasùIntroducing a New Species


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