Hygienic Design of Food Factories

Edited by

  • John Holah, Campden BRI, UK
  • Huub Lelieveld, formerly Unilever R&D, The Netherlands

Food safety is vital for consumer confidence, and the hygienic design of food processing facilities is central to the manufacture of safe products. Hygienic design of food factories provides an authoritative overview of hygiene control in the design, construction and renovation of food factories.

The business case for a new or refurbished food factory, its equipment needs and the impacts on factory design and construction are considered in two introductory chapters. Part one then reviews the implications of hygiene and construction regulation in various countries on food factory design. Retailer requirements are also discussed. Part two describes site selection, factory layout and the associated issue of airflow. Parts three, four and five then address the hygienic design of essential parts of a food factory. These include walls, ceilings, floors, selected utility and process support systems, entry and exit points, storage areas and changing rooms. Lastly part six covers the management of building work and factory inspection when commissioning the plant.

With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Hygienic design of food factories is an essential reference for managers of food factories, food plant engineers and all those with an academic research interest in the field.
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Managers of food factories, food plant engineers and all those with an academic research interest in the field.


Book information

  • Published: October 2011
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-564-4


This book encompasses all the relevant and important topics regarding food facility design, construction and renovation., Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology
This book is an essential source of all relevant information on food facility design…I warmly recommend this book., Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology
The comprehensive coverage of the subject in this book makes it an important addition to the literature on food factory hygienic design. This book is likely to become the standard industry reference for this highly important aspect of safe food provision., International Journal of Dairy Technology

Table of Contents

Business case assessment and design essentials for food factory building projects; Determining equipment and process needs and how this affects food factory design. Part 1 Regulatory issues and retailer requirements: EU food hygiene law and implications for food factory design; Regulations on the hygienic design of food processing factories in the United States; Regulation relevant to the design and construction of food factories in Japan; Regulation and non-regulatory guidance in Australia and New Zealand with implications for food factory design; Regulatory requirements for food factory buildings in South Africa and other Southern African countries; Retailer requirements for hygienic design of food factory buildings; Food factory design to prevent deliberate product contamination; Minimum hygienic design requirements for food processing factories. Part 2 Site selection and factory layout: Aspects to be considered when selecting a site for a food factory; The impact of factory layout on hygiene in food factories; Hazard control by segregation in food factories; Managing airflow and air filtration to improve hygiene in food factories. Part 3 Hygienic design of walls, ceilings and floors: Hygienic wall finishes for food processing factories; Hygienic design of ceilings for food factories; Hygienic floor finishes for food processing areas; Hygienic design of floor drains in food processing areas. Part 4 Hygienic design of selected fixtures, utility systems and process support systems: Hygienic supply of electricity in food factories; Hygienic design of lighting in food factories; Hygienic design of piping for food processing support systems in food factories; Hygienic design of exhaust and dust control systems in food factories; Managing steam quality in food and beverage processing; Hygienic design of walkways, stairways and other installations in food factories. Part 5 Hygienic design of specific factory areas: Hygienic design of entries, exits, other openings in the building envelope and dry warehousing areas in food factories; Effluents from the food industry; Design of food storage facilities; Design, installation and operation of cleaning and disinfectant chemical storage, distribution and application systems in food factories; Design of food factory changing rooms. Part 6 Managing building work and additional factory design considerations: Managing a factory building project: From development of a construction brief to commissioning and handover; Inspecting hygienic design, hygiene practices and process safety when commissioning a food factory; An insurance industry perspective on property protection and liability issues in food factory design.