Hydroforming for Advanced Manufacturing book cover

Hydroforming for Advanced Manufacturing

Hydroforming uses a pressurised fluid to form component shapes. The process allows the manufacture of lighter, more complex shapes with increased strength at lower cost compared to more traditional techniques such as stamping, forging, casting or welding. As a result hydroformed components are increasingly being used in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. This authoritative book reviews the principles, applications and optimisation of this important process.

After an introduction, the first part of the book reviews the principles of hydroforming, from equipment and materials to forming processes, design and modelling. The second part of the book reviews the range of hydroforming techniques, the shaping of particular components and the application of hydroforming in aerospace and automotive engineering.

With its distinguished editor and team of contributors, Hydroforming for advanced manufacturing is a valuable reference for all those developing and applying this important process.

All those developing and applying this important process

Hardbound, 412 Pages

Published: April 2008

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-328-2


  • Introduction and state-of-the-art of hydroforming. Part 1 Principles of hydroforming: Hydroforming systems, equipment, controls and tooling; Deformation mechanism and fundamentals of hydroforming; Materials and their characterization for hydroforming; Formability analysis for tubular hydroformed parts; Design and modeling of parts, process and tooling in tube hydroforming; Tribological aspects in hydroforming. Part 2 Hydroforming techniques and their applications: Pre-forming: Tube rotary draw bending and pre-flattening/crushing in hydroforming; Hydroforming: hydropiercing, end-cutting, and welding; Hydroforming sheet metal forming components; Bending and hydroforming of aluminum and magnesium alloy tubes; Low pressure tube hydroforming; Comparative analysis of hydroforming techniques; Fluid cell pressing in the aerospace industry; Hydroforming and its role in lightweighting automobiles; Warm hydroforming.


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