Hybrid Membrane Systems for Water Purification

Technology, Systems Design and Operations


  • Rajindar Singh, Membrane Ventures, LLC, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Membrane systems are finding increasing application worldwide in the purification of potable and industrial water, and their design and use is set to grow considerably in years to come. This comprehensive book is written in a practical style with emphasis on process description, key unit operations, plant equipment description, equipment installation, safety and maintenance, process control, plant start-up, operation and troubleshooting. It is supplemented by case studies and useful engineering rules-of-thumb. The author is a chemical engineer with many years experience in the field and his technical knowledge and practical know-how in the water purification industry are summarised succinctly in this volume.This book...* Will ensure your system design is fit for its purpose* Informs readers of which membranes to use; why, where and when* Will help readers to trouble-shoot and improve performance* Provides case studies help understanding through real-life situations
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Field engineers and operators; OEM companies; Equipment manufacturers; specifiers; consultants; academics


Book information

  • Published: December 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-442-8

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction to Membrane Technology1.1 Technology Overview1.2 Historical Development1.3 Membrane Separation Characteristics1.4 Membrane Processes1.5 Membrane Modules1.6 Membrane Fouling1.7 Concluding Remarks References2.0 Water and Membrane Treatment2.1 Priceless Water2.2 Water Treatment2.3 Membrane Fouling, Scaling and Controls2.4 Membrane Systems Design2.5 Membrane Cleaning and Sanitisation2.6 Concluding Remarks References3.0 Hybrid Membrane Systems - Case Studies3.1 Seawater Desalination3.2 Brackish Water Desalination3.3 Municipal Water Treatment3.4 Water for Reclamation3.5 Industrial Water Treatment3.6 High Purity Water Production 3.7 Fuel Cell Power Plant Water Production3.8 Food Applications References 4.0 Hybrid Membrane System Design and Operation4.1 Process Description4.2 Process Design and Controls4.3 System Operation4.4 Systems Diagnosis and Maintenance4.5 Process Equipment4.6 Concluding Remarks References5.0 Appendix: Engineering Data and Notes5.1 Glossary/ Terminology5.2 Membrane Polymer Performance5.3 Chlorination of PA Membranes5.4 Fluid Flow in Microporous Membranes5.5 Surfactant Micelles Size Correlation5.6 Deioniser Design5.7 Process Controls5.8 Centrifugal Pumps5.9 Control Valves5.10 Materials Properties5.11 Process Validation5.12 RO/NF Feed Water Analysis5.13 Conversion Factors5.14 Water Tables References