Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding book cover

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

Hybrid laser-arc welding (HLAW) is a combination of laser welding with arc welding that overcomes many of the shortfalls of both processes. This important book gives a comprehensive account of hybrid laser-arc welding technology and applications.

The first part of the book reviews the characteristics of the process, including the properties of joints produced by hybrid laser-arc welding and ways of assessing weld quality. Part two discusses applications of the process to such metals as magnesium alloys, aluminium and steel as well as the use of hybrid laser-arc welding in such sectors as ship building and the automotive industry.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Hybrid laser-arc welding is a valuable source of reference for all those using this important welding technology.

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: June 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-370-1


  • …a valuable source of reference for all those using this important welding technology., Welding and Cutting


  • Part 1 Characteristics of hybrid laser-arc welding: Advantages and disadvantages of arc and laser welding; Fundamentals of hybrid laser-arc welding; Heat sources of hybrid laser-arc welding processes; Effect of shielding gas on hybrid laser-arc welding; Properties of joints produced by hybrid laser-arc welding; Quality control and assessing weld quality in hybrid laser-arc welding. Part 2 Applications of hybrid laser-arc welding: Hybrid welding of magnesium alloys; Shipbuilding applications of hybrid laser-arc welding; Industrial robotic application of laser-GMAW and laser-Tandem hybrid welding; Hybrid laser-arc welding of aluminium; Hybrid laser-arc welding of dissimilar metals. Part 3 Hybrid laser-arc welding of steel: Hybrid laser-arc welding of steel.


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