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Proceedings of an International Meeting, September 2000, North East Wales Institute, UK

Hyaluronan and its derivatives has developed very quickly in the last few years from a scientific novelty into an important new material for a diverse range of medical and biomaterial applications. This landmark conference focused on developments and applications in the use of hyaluronan in tissue repair and reconstruction, drug delivery systems, anti-cancer treatments and joint recovery and engineering.
The entire range of hyaluronan progress is covered in depth by the more than 135 individual papers:

Analytical chemistry
Structural elucidation and basic chemistry
Electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy
Production, purification and characterisation
Quality in production systems

Chemical modification
Derivatives and properties
Free radical modification

Physical characterisation

Aggregation phenomena
Interaction with water and solution properties

Cell biology

Control and regulation of HA synthases
Cell surface chemistry
HA cell receptors and cell signalling
Interaction with proteins and other biological ligands
Biophysical aspects
Effects on pain receptors
Role in organisation of extracellular matrix
Role in development (embryogenesis): cell movement/migration

Medical applications

Uses in cartilage and wound repair
Wound regenerative healing
Surgery and tissue engineering
Viscosupplementation / osteoarthritis
Viscoaugmentation and viscoprotection
Anti-adhesion applications
Brug delivery systems
Binding onto tumour cells and metastases

Hardbound, 1152 Pages

Published: October 2002

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-570-5


  • Volume 1: Chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology - Overview of the history and development of hyaluronan; Characterization and solution properties of hyaluronan; Rheological behaviour of hyaluronan; Biosynthesis and biological degradation of hyaluronan; Novel modified forms of hyaluronan; Cell surfaces and hyaluronan receptors; The action of hyaluronan in cells; Keratinocytes and hyaluronan.

    Volume 2: Biomedical, medical and clinical aspects - Adhesion formation and hyaluronan; Application of hyaluronan in tissue engineering; The function and use of hyaluronan in wound healing; The role of hyaluronan in tissues; The use of hyaluronan in drug delivery; Aspects of hyaluronan in joints; Clinical applications of hyaluronan.


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