Hunt & Marshall

Hunt & Marshall's Clinical Problems in Surgery

Hunt & Marshall’s Clinical Problems in Surgery discusses common problems encountered in the clinical practice of surgery and how to solve and treat them. The approach of the text will be to encourage diagnostic economy, and to this end students will be assisted to develop skills in pattern recognition, appreciation of the natural history and prognosis of individual problems and their causative diseases, and an ability to come to the core of the patient’s presenting problem, while maintaining an holistic approach to the unique requirements of the individual patient. The text is designed to help the student understand the questions raised at each level of the of the diagnostic, therapeutic and overall decision making tree and thereby to construct an appropriate pathway of management for each clinical problem.

Undergraduate medical students undertaking clinical experience in surgery throughout the duration of the medical course in a post graduate medical course this will begin in years 2/3.


Published: April 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-3826-8


  • Preface • Intoduction to the problem orientated clinical approach • Section A - Regional clinical problems • Chapter 1 Integument • Chapter 2 Head and neck • Chapter 3 Breast • Chapter 4 Chest and chest wall • Chapter 5 Back • Chapter 6 limbs • Chapter 7 Abdomen and gut • Chapter 8 Groin, scrotum and abdominal wall • Chapter 9 Urogenital problems • Section B - General problems in surgical patients • Chapter 10 Pre-operative medical problems in surgical patients • Chapter 11 Post-operative problems • Chapter 12 Problems in surgical intensive care or high dependency unit • Section C - The injured patient • Chapter 13 Problems in the injured patient


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