Human Resources Management in China book cover

Human Resources Management in China

Cases in HR Practice

Aimed at people interested in management and Human Resources in China, this book is a collection of original and researched case studies on a variety of HR issues occurring in Chinese organisations, both privately-owned and part of multi-national enterprises, and how these issues are resolved by management. The impacts of the solutions in the organisations are also discussed. Preceded by a brief review of the Chinese and Western literature on this problem, the case is then presented and concluded by an analysis of the situations and solutions implemented.

People interested in management and Human Resources (HR) in China

Hardbound, 226 Pages

Published: April 2011

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-552-7


  • Succession planning in the Chinese subsidiary of a multinational enterprise; Staffing issues in a furniture exporting organisation in Ningbo; Human resource problems at the US Vehicles motor factory in central China; Management and staffing at a start-up regional airlines company; Human resource problems during a merger and acquisition; The compensation system reform of the multi-purpose workgroup in a heat-treatment workshop; The balanced scorecard in the Credit Card Association of China; Staff turnover in a pharmaceutical and healthcare company; Staff retention in the hotel industry; Human resource problems in a high-tech business incubator; Staff retention, motivation and commitment at the China Electrical Components organisation; Remuneration and retention in a privately-owned technology company; Organisational change at a multinational gas corporation in Shanghai; Compensation strategies as a motivational and retention tool; Performance management at International Air Transport; Conclusion.


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