Human Resource Management for Events

Managing the event workforce


  • Lynn Van der Wagen, Teacher, Brookvale College of TAFE, Australia

Human Resource Management for Events is the first text to cover management of human resources in the event environment. Linking theory, research and application it covers the differing and various types of event in which human resource management is key, such as: * Business Events - a vast sector including events people who manage conferences, exhibitions, incentive trips and individual business travel. * Sporting Events - this sector includes sporting events ranging from the Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup, Soccer World Cup, Tour de France, Grand Prix to many smaller, local sporting events. * Arts and Entertainment - the logistics, risk and financial issues facing entertainment events are leading to the development of more sophisticated operational skills for this sector. Music festivals are increasingly popular. * Public Events - civic ceremonies, parades, celebrations, festivals and protests all fall within the scope of public events. Planning, approval and risk management are increasingly on the agenda for all levels of government.The particular challenges provided by such events are varied. The size of the workforce explodes at the time of the event to include the event management team, many paid staff, hundreds of volunteers and multiple contractors, such as food vendors and cleaning teams. Everyone working on the site comes into the scope of the event workforce. Little time is available for training and motivation plays a key role in retention and customer service. Decision making occurs on the run and the event is over before anyone can think about performance appraisal. The environment is further characterised by a fast pace, high stress levels and many workers are fatigued by the bump in period before the event audience pours through the gates to add yet another level of pressure. These features of the human resources environment are quite different to those of the traditional workforce. Human Resource Management for Events is vital reading for both students and practitioners involved in this crucially important aspect of event management.
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Level 2: undergraduates in event management programs; Practitioners in major events world wide would find this book invaluable, so too any organiser of a major or local event/ managers of permanent event organizations; consultants/Libraries


Book information

  • Published: August 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6998-6

Table of Contents

PART ONE – HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGIC PLANNING: ESTABLISHING THE CONTEXT; Chapter One-Event Management Environment; Chapter Two-Human Resource Planning; Chapter Three-Event Project Planning; Chapter Four-Volunteer Management; Chapter Five-Contractor management; Chapter Six-Employment law and duty of care; Chapter Seven-Job analysis and job design; PART TWO: HUMAN RESOURCE OPERATIONS: BUILDING THE TEAM; Chapter Eight-Recruitment and selection; Chapter Nine-Workforce training; Chapter Ten-Job specific training; Chapter Eleven-Workforce policies and procedures; Chapter Twelve-Organizational culture; Chapter Thirteen-Communication; Chapter Fourteen-Leadership; Chapter Fifteen-Motivation and retention; Glossary; Assessment project