Human Factors Psychology book cover

Human Factors Psychology

This book is a collection of contemporary applications of psychological insights into practical human factors issues. The topics are arranged largely according to an information processing/energetic approach to human behavior. Consideration is also given to human-computer interaction and organizational design.

Included in series
Advances in Psychology


Published: October 1987

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-70319-4


  • Short-Term Memory Limits in Human Performance (S.T. Klapp). Attention (C.D. Wickens). Mental Workload (B.H. Kantowitz). Human Decision Processes: Heuristics and Task Structure (D.N. Kleinmuntz). Automatic and Controlled Processing Theory and Its Applications to Human Factors Problems (A.D. Fisk, P.L. Ackerman and W. Schneider). Describing Movement Control at Two Levels of Abstraction (R.J. Jagacinski, B.D. Plamondon and R.A. Miller). Human Computer Interaction (R. Eberts). Adaptive Control in Human-Machine Systems (P.A. Hancock and M.H. Chignell). Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management (H.W. Hendrick). Index.


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